Kids in Communities Fundraising Services


  1. All materials arrive collated inside a seller packet/envelope. Inside each seller envelope there is a product brochure and order form.
  2. A parent letter is developed with your help and a draft is approved by the sponsor or principal. The letter may be attached to or inserted inside the seller packet.
  3. There are no start up costs to run the fundraiser. All materials are shipped free of charge.
  4. Lead time for materials is 7-10 days but expedited shipments are permitted.
  5. Your starter kit will include full color brochures with item numbers for easy ordering, easy order forms, money collection envelopes, easy turn-in instructions, self addressed envelope for returning completed order forms for processing, and posters.

Product Delivery

  1. Product is delivered between 2-4 weeks after order forms are received. Each product line has specific turnaround times depending on your location and time of the season/school year. No delivery time frame will exceed four weeks from the time orders are received.
  2. Product may be shipped in bulk or packed by student. Packed by student options may be free of charge or dependent on the average order size or profit percentage offered.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  1. Kids in Communities only partners with quality suppliers who share their same vision for premium customer service. All products come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


  1. No minimum orders except for frozen food sales which then require a 120 item minimum.
  2. All orders over $1000 retail ship free of charge. Orders below $1000 retail are charged a $30 delivery fee.
  3. Ordering/ Delivery Deadlines

    For Delivery By

    End Sale By

    Orders Must Be Received By


    October 7

    October 28


    November 20

    November 27


    March 5

    March 12

    Vermont Wreath orders must be received by October 28th for pre-Thanksgiving delivery and by November 5th for pre-Christmas delivery.


  1. Payment is collected by customers and orders are placed on student order forms. Groups may immediately retain their profit percentage upon completion of their sale. A 25% deposit is required when order forms are returned and upon product shipment. An invoice will be generated for the balance due within 30 days of shipped merchandise.

Experience You Can Trust!

  1. With over 20 years of fundraising experience, your group can rest assured that the right program will be recommended for optimum fundraising results. We work with you every step of the way to make your fundraising experience EASY and profitable.

More Tips for Fundraising Success

  • Establish a clear financial goal before evaluating products, programs, etc. -- knowing how much money you need to raise will help make these decisions easier.
  • Don't let your organization's profits be eaten away by "hidden" costs (e.g. for freight, prizes, overruns) -- ask questions ahead of time and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Select your fundraising program early to assure ample time for planning. If the school or community has a planning calendar, be sure your event is included. Stagger fundraising activities to avoid competing with other groups.
  • Set a specific beginning and ending date for your fundraiser and stick to it -- without a clear target date the campaign will drag on, often without direction.
  • Avoid "fundraising fatigue" among parents and volunteers by conducting fewer programs that are more effective individually.
  • Rely on your product fundraising company professional for suggestions and advice.
  • Don't let your program fizzle -- some organizers will lose interest once a program begins; stay motivated until the end to assure success. Put a time limit on order-taking. Usually 2-3 weeks is more than enough.
  • Keep energy levels high by communicating before, during and after the program -- remind parents, teachers and other volunteers of the fundraiser's goals and deadlines, provide frequent status reports and updates.
  • Avoid shipping and ordering problems by working closely with volunteers to assure that all order forms are legible and filled out completely.
  • Keep copies of all forms turned in by volunteers before sending them to the fundraising company.
  • Assure efficient handling of products by recruiting adult volunteers ahead of time to help distribute the products to volunteers.
  • Double check the products shipped to your organization against the order forms; check each box or bag for damaged or missing merchandise before sending volunteers out for delivery.
  • Don't forget to communicate with absentees who miss the program's kick-off or other important meetings.
  • Have fun! With the right approach, fundraising can be educational and enjoyable for everyone.

Reaching Financial Goals

Identifying needs and setting financial goals are vital first steps in conducting a successful fundraising campaign. With a clear understanding of how much money is needed and how it will be spent, volunteers will be motivated and focused. Clearly stated financial goals also will give a fundraising program a benchmark for success. Too often, fundraising coordinators equate financial success with the percentage of gross sales that their group will keep. While the percent of sales is important, there are many other factors that should be considered at the same time.

For example, one company may offer the group 50 percent of sales, compared to another offering only 40 percent. The "40% company" may be providing valuable services (e.g., incentive programs, consulting, timely delivery of merchandise, custom packing for individual orders) that save volunteer time or increase sales. The company offering the lower percentage may also have a product so superior in quality that the increased sales volume will net more money for the group. It may be better to choose a program that offers a smaller percentage if the added value of the overall program (including services) will more effectively achieve your goal. Remember: percentage does not translate into profits.

Among the services available to the organization eager to reach their financial goal, is the option to include an award or "incentive" program. Although the organization's goal is incentive enough for some volunteers, often prize and award programs can be a valuable addition to the fundraising program (including significantly higher profits). The best incentives will increase participation and, therefore, profits for the organization. They add fun and excitement and will involve as many volunteers as possible.

Awards can be based on the size of the sale (e.g., volunteers who sell one or more items may “earn” a variety of awards) or it may be as simple as a "thank you" gift for taking brochures home or just participating. Before selecting an incentive program, take into consideration the age of volunteers and the overall goals of the program.