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Busier teachers and administrators, competition for fundraising dollars, changes in today's fast-paced parent lifestyles. Don't let these challenges lower your fundraising results that are necessary to fund your much needed programs, projects and activities!

Team with the experts at Kids in Communities Fundraising in New York and Connecticut to maximize profits from all fundraisers you run for your children and your community.

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Butter Braid Pastries, OTIS Spunkmeyer and David's Cookies, Delicious Hudson Valley Pies, High Quality Gift Items, Woodwick Candles, Mixed Bag Designs, Entertainment Coupons and more.

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OTIS Spunkmeyer and More
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David's Cookies Fundraising
Butter Braids
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One Dollar Box Chocolates
Grandma's Pies

Kids in Communities Makes Your Fundraiser Profitable & Easy!

Our team has more than 20 years experience offering a variety of branded, quality products, programs, and prices to help your families raise the funds necessary to support activities in your community.

Our staff is passionate about making a difference in the lives of your children, and improving their futures. Our commitment is reflected in the extraordinary service we guarantee to deliver.

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We will guide you and help you build a successful fundraising drive/campaign in New York and Connecticut!

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